Oh, to be chosen. We stand in the PE class while the team captains make their decisions of who they want on the team. Our insides are screaming, “choose me, choose me”, while at the same time feeling worthless and doubtful we are good enough. We try out for cheerleader, hoping they will see our enthusiasm and talent, while at the same time not sure we really made the cut.

And then, the finger of fate points at us and we are IN, CHOSEN! You win, you get to play, YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH!

Jesus stands at the door, knocking, waiting for us to answer, to choose him back, because he first chose us. We are born already chosen. Why are we not screaming, “Yay I am chosen, I am good enough, thank you Jesus, and now I choose you!” ?

Perhaps we are stuck thinking we need to earn it. To earn being chosen. And so we simply can’t believe Jesus chose us because we didn’t do anything to deserve it. Right? So we ignore the knock on the door quite sure it is for someone else and not me.

I did that. I ignored the knock, as I was quite sure I was completely unloveable. Performance surrounded my home, and love was withdrawn if performance was bad. So if I opened that door, what would I have to do to earn and be chosen? Or would I get unchosen later when I messed up?

Even when I first discovered Jesus was calling, I was fearful he would send me to Africa on a mission trip to complete strangers where I would have to sleep on the ground and eat awful food! See, immediately, I expected performance to be part of the exchange. Sure, you are knocking and you want me to follow you, just so you can mess with me and make me something I am not sure i want to be. No thanks!

The truth is always more risky than lies. None of that was true. The enemy of our souls was trying to keep me from the one truth that would save me from ever having to perform again.

Jesus did all the performing we will ever need. He knocks on the door because He knows that in Him and Him alone all the desires of  my heart would be fulfilled. No Africa, but the children I wanted to have. No bare ground, but a home with warm beds where I could nurture those children. No strange food, but an abundance of everything I could ever have dreamed I could enjoy.

He knows the desires of your heart. He created you that way. You were chosen for this time and for this season and to be doing exactly what you are doing. The greatest proof of His choosing is that He conceived of YOU in his heart and mind before the foundations of the world, and He chooses you now to let Him be the Lord and Savior of your life.

Choose Him back. Let Him prove to you that the choice you are making will change your life forever. You will realize the best choice ever made was when he said “I choose you” and you said “Yes”.Just trust Me