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I am a Crafty Chick.  Well, that’s what my husband calls me and I always assume he means that in the best possible way. 😊 Truth is, I love to make things and have since I was a little girl — sewing, baking, cooking and making my homemade spa products!  I was even pretty handy with tools and attempted to build things around the house with my father (I did my best to hammer together 2×4 pieces of lumber to help him build the garage, of course, at five-years old I was just getting in his way, but somehow he made me feel like I was helping him out! Thanks Dad!).

Naturally, given my need to create and make things, I became a lawyer. Go figure.  I guess there is some creativity and DIY aspects within the practice of law 😉. After practicing law for many years, I realized that all of the hobbies that I loved were relegated to the backburner – simply no time, no energy, no fun. Boo!

Today, I am crafting a new chapter of my life and have been working on my DIY crafts, natural beauty products, quilting, baking, cooking and have even started to explore home décor. This is fun for me (yeah!) and I’m excited to share projects with all of you that I’ve worked on, recipes that I’ve tried, patterns that I discovered, and other ideas that occupy my heart, mind space and craft room!

Lastly, after many requests and encouragement from friends over the years, I have curated an e-shop on this site that showcases some of my favorite things, vendors and makers that I have personally used or would be great for events, holidays or gifts.

This is a new experience, evolution and conversation!  Please let me know what you think, have suggestions or if you just have ideas that you want to share!  I am forever a student of life and love to engage and exchange!

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